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WELCA monthly women's Bible study 

The monthly women’s Bible study will gather Wed. June 12th at 1:30pm in classroom A. The Gather Magazine study will guide us through scripture, learning, and discussion. Janis Richert facilitates this study. New attendees are welcome!

We begin a new 3 session series from the Gather Magazine called “After Certainty: A biblical guide”. The author is Rev. Dr. Meghan Johnston Aelaabouni who authored the fall study we appreciated. She has been a pastor in Jerusalem for 6 years, and last month was elected Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA!.   It is a joy and privilege to have this opportunity for our study this summer.

Series Intro: A global pandemic, political upheaval, a changing climate… these days, the future is more uncertain than it has ever been. Or is it? For the people of the Bible, life was often shaped by deep uncertainty. Encounters with God sparked awe, confusion or courage, but rarely certainty. Instead, God’s people have always been called to follow God into the unknown, trusting in God’s certain grace and love. This three-session summer Bible study explores God’s invitation to the people of the Bible and to us, to take the holy journey beyond certainty to curiosity, community and compassion, where we find aboundant life in Christ.

Session 1: Curiosity. Jesus’ ministry, during the uncertainty of the first century Roman occupation, often challenged the “certainties” of the status quo when it came to faith, power and relationships — both the relationships between people and God, and between people in community. Just as curiosity drew people to Jesus and his message, holy curiosity can still lead us to the places where God transforms “what is” to “what could be”.