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Streams Educational Scholarship Fund:

This scholarship fund is through an anonymous donation.  The purpose of this fund is to encourage youth, who want to attend a higher education institution, to support a part of their learning via this fund.  These funds will be available only to youth who are members and involved in the life of Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church.

The following are the requirements and eligibility criteria for anyone wanting to apply for said scholarship fund.

  1. Maximum of $25K per semester will be in the fund.
  2. $5,500 per semester per youth to be reviewed annually by committee and available as long as student, attends Church, and/or is involved in community service projects, maintains grades, and is enrolled full time. Out of city student must be involved in campus ministries or a church in the community where the school is, and/or community service projects.
  3. Must be enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of 12 semester hours)
  4. Minimum of 2.5 GPA (up to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee)
  5. Funds pay only for: tuition, books, registration fees
  6. Funds are available for: In-state Universities, Trade Schools, Community Colleges, Specialized Colleges, On-line Colleges
  7. Youth applying for scholarship must be an active member of Streams’ community (via youth group and/or church life) and is open only to Youth who are members of Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church.

(The amount per year is based on the fact that the U of A’s tuition is $10,035 per year and there is an allocation of $1,000 for books).

Applying for Scholarship Fund:

Any youth who wishes to apply for this opportunity, must submit a scholarship application (available from Streams’ Scholarship Committee) and submit it (Megan Andrews (Committee chair) to the committee, as well as supply the information on the cost of tuition; registration fees; and books for the institution be applied to.

A Streams Educational Scholarship Committee shall oversee all requests and shall be compromised of 5 members.  Currently those members are Megan Andrews, Paul Cassity, Robert Richert, Nancy McQuillen, Dan Curtis, Pastor Tom Dunham, and Mary Gokey.  E-Mail to Megan Andrews @ Revised 8/2021